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Hey gang!

The much-rumored (not really) addition of Original Art on has happened!

Get there directly here:

Progress image:

Original art for sale on! by Zatransis

Thanks, gang!

Unfortunately the next Sketchbomb, on March 2nd will have to be delayed, as Wormhole coffee is still under renovations!


As soon as they're back in working order, we'll have our next meeting. Sorry folks, but next time we draw there, it'll be under a flying Delorean instead of a parked one!!
We have a new date for Sketchbomb, March 2nd, 2012! We had to delay it a week as our location Wormhole Coffee, was undergoing renovations.  It's an awesome, quiet place located in Wicker Park full of retro film and video game memorabilia from the 80's. They even have a real DeLorean inside!

Again, the next Sketchbomb will be on March 2nd at 7:00 PM at Wormhole Coffee:
It's a free sketchgroup open to everyone of all ages or skill level to come out and have some creative fun.

1462 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622

It's right off the Damen stop on the Blue line if you ride the CTA. Come join us for a night of sketching!
Thanks to everyone who came out to Sketchbomb last night! I know we had some serious weather which caused a lot of people to be unable to make it. We still had a lot of fun with the people who did brave it. The Wormhole was a great location and very cool to us. I'll try and plan for a Sketchbomb in February that avoids blizzards and snowpocalypses.
Hello everyone,

Just dropping in to remind everyone that Sketchbomb Chicago will be held tomorrow night!  Hosted again by :iconjocelynada: & her troupe of rogues!

It will be held on Friday, Jan 20th at 7:00 PM at The Wormhole Cafe. Changing up the location from last time for a more laid back atmosphere in Wicker Park. It's full of retro film and video game memorabilia; inspiration fuel for us all! It even comes fully equipped with an actual DeLorean!

If you have any questions as to what Sketchbomb is like, make sure you check out our first ever promo video cut together by the skillful :iconileia:!

Again, the next Sketchbomb will be on Jan 20th at The Wormhole:

We'll be getting things started around 7 PM, but don't be afraid to show up early and grab refreshments!

Sketchbomb is a free event open for artists of all ages and skill levels to attend and have fun creating. If it's your first time joining us, bring a sketchbook full of your work so we can see what you're all about, and don't forget to sign in so we can shoot you an invite to the :iconsketchbomb-chicago: group so you can share your sketches from the evening and beyond!

The exact address is 1462 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622. Here's a map showing its location:

For anyone taking the CTA, it's just a few blocks away from the Damen Blue Line station!

That said, come out and join us for a night of sketching!